Transformational Self-Visioning Workbook

This workbook takes you through a journey of self-exploration to discover your dreams, what makes you happy, content, peaceful.  What brings joy into your life?  When does your heart sing?

When you and your spouse or partner know what you each desire you can both work towards it instead of being blown here and there by what life dishes up.

This workbook offers a step-by-step exploration of your life from a young child to where you are now as an adult.  Each step builds on the previous steps and culminates with an ideal vision of the life and relationship that you would love to create.  The steps include discovering your primary love language, and the needs and values that are most important to you.

When you share the information you glean from this journey with your spouse or partner, it will be very clear what areas of your relationship are highly compatible, what dreams you would both like to focus on, the areas of your relationship and life that are just yours, and those that need negotiating.

Cost: Only $15

You may wish to receive coaching support whilst completing this journey or to focus on creating your joint vision.