Relationship Stress Buster: Live Masterclass.


Global Health Clinics Practitioner Valee More

Thursday, 6 September 2018          7.30pm-9.00pm  –  ONLY $20

includes a workbook


Would you like more Peace in your relationship?

Would you like to be able to relieve stress within minutes?

With these simple processes you can!

Can you imagine being able to rapidly relieve stress in any area of your relationship and the positive effect that will have on each other your inner well-being, and other areas of your life?

In this Masterclass discover:

  • The mechanics and effects of bad stress
  • How to clear the stress hormones that are released into your blood stream during the fight/flight response with
  • Two very simple processes that will rapidly change the impact of stress within minutes
  • Uncover your needs underlying the stress and how you could respond differently

About Stress

The first level of stress is the adrenal response known as the fight/flight reflex which is the body’s survival mechanism.  Its purpose is to rapidly move the body into fighting or fleeing.  This reflex is stimulated whenever you perceive any form of danger and during conflict.

Unfortunately, in our society, the fight/flight reflex is largely ignored as it is not acceptable to physically act on it, and so it is rarely expressed unless what is being faced is an extreme situation.  So many people are suffering as a consequence, as the adrenalin that circulates the body during the stress response, needs to be used for the body to come back to homeostasis (balance).  On top of this, our culture is mesmerised by the desire to drink coffee, eat chocolate and other adrenal simulating things which adds to the problem of stress.

Benefits of Rapidly Relieving Stress

Learning how to rapidly relieve stress is a very simple step that anyone can take

  • It is not only good for your general health and well-being
  • It also helps to clear your mind and the air between you and your partner
  • It helps with the ability to gain clarity around conflict and to see a bigger picture
  • One of the immense benefits that I see with my clients is that they become much more resourceful and are able to make positive changes

You will be able to use these processes any time you feel stressed.

  1.   Please click this link for a Rapid Stress Relief Example
  2.   If you have any questions, please place them in the comments box below
  3.   Please note that this Masterclass is not suitable for anyone with a very high level of stress, e.g. 8/10 or higher,  or are on psychiatric medication.  Please contact Valee for a chat if you require support: 021 123 8890


On-Line Details

You will receive the ID number upon registration.

Registration & Payment

If you would like to register Please click this link

You will receive a workbook.  Please fill out the self-assessment and intention prior to the Masterclass.

Refund policy: sorry no refunds.  The Masterclass will be rescheduled in the unlikely event that it is cancelled by the facilitator.

I really look forward to sharing these simple but extremely effective tools that have the ability to transform your relationship and life.

Valee More


About Valee More

The techniques and processes that Valee has developed through her experience working with clients are extremely quick as they rapidly rewire the brain.

She specialises in helping clients who are experiencing the power struggle in their relationship or the detrimental effects of stress and/or trauma. She helps them quickly clear stress and uncomfortable emotions, and to positively rebuild their lives or relationship.

Valee has a 27 year background in psychosynthesis (human development) and relationship coaching since 2008.  She has also been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1998 which brings an additional dimension of listening and intuition.



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