Rapid Stress Relief Example

The techniques and processes that Valee has developed through her experience working with psychosynthesis for the past 26 years and coaching, are extremely quick as they rapidly rewire the brain.

Although this is not a relationship example, the following shows how effective rapid stress relief can be when there is professional support. This is the experience of one of my female clients who was living with 34 years of an unresolved traumatic experience after a physical assault in 1984 when walking through a park. Her stress/emotional levels were as follows before her first session: (5/5 = extreme)

Outraged, Overwhelmed 5/5

Apprehensive, Despaired, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 4/5

After the first session her stress/emotional levels reduced to:

Outraged 1/5 Overwhelmed 3/5

Apprehensive, Distressed, Helpless, Hopeless 1/5

Despaired, Muddled, Panicked, Paralysed 2/5