Rapid Emotional Stress Relief Sessions

Experience Emotional Stress Relief in Minutes!

These sessions are for individuals who are in a relationship and are experiencing a high level of emotional pain and want help to rapidly relieve it.

The process I use quickly unlocks the emotional chemicals that are being felt in the body and, in most cases, once the chemicals are released, clients immediately come to a place of peace.  In my experience, this process breaks the old neural wiring and creates new pathways in the brain for a rapid change and, therefore, is a great way to swiftly relieve emotional stress.

Both emotional stress relief and de-stress of the fight/flight response (see Rapid De-stress Sessions) can be combined in a session.

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Understanding Your Emotions and Emotional Triggers

When you feel a strong uncomfortable emotion that is not fleeting, you are experiencing the emotional chemicals that have been released from the brain and attached to the receptors of the cells in the particular area of the body that you are feeling the emotion.

Underlying uncomfortable emotions are usually based on unmet needs, a crossed boundary or a conflict in values.

When emotions aren’t fleeting and hang around, or keep repeating: you know, the ones that you are probably very familiar with, these emotions are from triggered past events that haven’t been resolved.  Basically, when you have been upset about something and continued to think about it, the same neuron network kept getting fired until, unfortunately, it got imprinted or hardwired into your brain.  I call these emotions triggered memories.

Healing Conflict

So, if you are finding that you are emotionally triggered in your relationship by something your partner is doing or not doing, this is a very easy way of clearing these emotions, which will empower you to make different choices.  It may be that you need to set a boundary or find a way for a need to be met or discuss your values.

Much of the time, those uncomfortable emotions that keep rearing their seemly ugly heads, bring the opportunity for some really deep and beautiful healing.  The sort of healing that is life changing, where you no longer keep reacting with that emotion.  In my own personal experience, sometimes, it only takes 10 minutes to clear the emotion of something that has been a repetitive pattern for many, many years.

It would be an absolute honour to walk this journey with you.  The benefits far outweigh the effort, because ultimately all you need to do is allow the emotional chemicals to leave your body, allow yourself to speak your truth from your heart and call back your power.  From here you will see your perception, attitudes and behaviour changing and that wise part of yourself more and more directing your life, rather than being reactive.

What a gift to yourself and to the loved one/s in your life!

I encourage both partners to take this journey prior to having sessions together.  You will be surprised at how dramatically breaking the old emotional wiring can change your relationship.

What Prevents Change?

Resistance, which creates a lack of motivation, seeing your partner at fault and responsible for how you feel. Wanting your partner to change.  Subconsciously not wanting to change, not wanting to let go of the pay off one gets from having the emotions, not wanting to let go of the identity the emotions create.  Lack of clarity of what one wants, wanting to stay safe on familiar turf.

However, resistance can also be cleared rapidly and easily.

An Example of Rapid Change

The beauty of this work will enable you to see a bigger picture and tap into the part of yourself that has wisdom.  Here is an example:

My client was feeling very upset with her children for not setting the breakfast table.  This had been going on for some time.  Firstly, we cleared the emotions she was feeling.  After, I asked her how she could deal with the situation in a different way.  She responded that she could, instead of shouting, use eye contact and say “let’s be a team and help each other to get that table laid”.

Your Success

With the emotional pain down, you will feel more comfortable and willing to reconnect or deepen your connection with your spouse or partner.  You will start to feel safe enough to become more authentic and vulnerable in your relationship.

You will have the tools to be able to clear emotions as and when they come up.  This will empower you to see things in a different light, to make empowered choices, to be able to speak from your heart.

Get 50% OFF Your First Session*

(*Zoom Sessions Only.  Available worldwide.  Upon payment you will receive the link, password, preparation and contact details to make your appointment.  Please contact Valee if you have any questions.)

What’s Next?

From here couples receive coaching together to learn the skills to deeply listen to each other and negotiate, make agreements, move towards each other to help each other’s needs be met…

Here are some more examples that coaching can help you with:

  • Reconnecting and appreciating each other
  • Listening, validating and empathising with one another
  • Becoming aware of your boundaries, needs, wants, desires and how to make requests and move towards each other
  • How to seek win-win solutions
  • Understanding that your partner’s emotional triggers are old wounds
  • Growing and showing compassion with one another
  • Becoming aware of your protective behaviour and learning about your relationship patterns
  • Creating a vision for your relationship: knowing each others boundaries, needs, wants and desires; where you are on the same page, where you are not, each other’s areas of growth and the areas of conflict that need to be addressed.

If you have any questions or would like to experience a session, please contact me here