“Valee came highly recommended by friends, and now I can see why. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective and highly experienced coach and therapist, equally apt with men and women, then look no further. I am extremely grateful for the personal insight, and the positive changes in our relationship. We have gained a lot of loving understanding, along with very effective tools. Thanks so very much”, Cathrin


“Happy Couples coaching was perfect timing since I was experiencing a rough time in my extended family.  Valee empowered and guided me with a mixture of techniques (EFT and rapid stress relief, communication and other relationship skills and meditation exercises).

I am forever thankful for what she has brought to and out of me and my husband, and especially for reminding me of the divine work journeying as a couple is.   Blessings of high vibes! ”


“Working with Valee has been a very powerful, as well as, empowering experience.   She helped me with my life and relationship vision which are now very much a reality, and have achieved my highest goals.”        
MJ, osteopath


“Valee helped me become conscious and break old relationship patterns that don’t work such as sabotaging – I wasn’t recognising that I was doing.”
EA, musician


“I saw Valee for some relationship problems I was having.  Very quickly I came to understand what was happening and so the battle to find out why started.  The relationship problems were easily sorted and I now have the “tools” to help myself.  As time went on, “scrolling” through my life, I came to understand myself better.  But best of all, I can now love and accept myself.”


Relationship Agreement Testimonies

“The main work for the relationship agreement was done individually — on trauma and stress prior to creating the agreement.  In this, I feel you assisted me greatly and in the end you witnessed our document… a wonderful moment.”  DT


We are truly enjoying our new home and the fruits of our agreement after some years of unclarity.

This agreement process is an effective and valuable one.  Given the one-sided legal system, I totally recommend seeking help from a professional coach like Valee who cares about the emotional and spiritual well-being of the individual and the couple’s relationship

I particularly loved Valee’s guidance through grief, anger and fear.

With gratitude and excitement for you and the couples you’re working with!”  Brigitte

4 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. The 3 top benefits I received from working with Valee were:

    1. Learning tools to help communicate so both parties can be heard and listened to

    2. Healing techniques to remove layers of emotional build-up

    3. Learning to tune into my heart and act from my heart

    My ultimate goal was to have a thriving relationship, but that takes two parties being 100% committed to it. Valee provided us with the tools and support but it rightly was up to two people to make the time and effort to nurture the marriage back into a loving one.

    The 3 things I would like to say about Valee are:

    1. A great listener
    2. She communicated back what was going on emotionally and physically so I got a perspective of the situation
    3. Enabled me to heal and act from my heart through the clearing techniques that Valee walked me through within the session which I could take out with me

    Everyone should invest in understanding themselves and ‘healing for a healthy fulfilled life’.

    Happy Days

  2. I am full of gratitude to Valee’s guidance in unlocking some of the deepest blocks within myself through visualisation exercises and recognising patterns from childhood. The rapid stress relief is magical and i could literally feel the Adrenalin leaving my body and calm my systems to be able to find alternative solutions to some of the life challenges i was facing. I often refer back to the exercises in time of need and my life has shifted so much into a more positive and happy direction. Thanks a lot Valee

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