A Very Warm WELCOME to Happy Couples Life Skills

Why Isn’t Our Relationship Working?

I believe that many couples get stuck in the power struggle and never get through it.  Deep down they really want a loving happy relationship, but just don’t know how to go about it.  That’s because they probably aren’t wired to experience a happy relationship.

Learning relationship skills and healing the wounds of your past will assist you to have the relationship that your heart desires.  When you feel anxious and unsafe or needy and insecure it’s very difficult to experience love.  There will be a lot of stress and emotion within the relationship and neither of you will find it easy to get your needs met, which is a primary reason for your relationship.  Remember, when you first met how your love needs were so easily fulfilled.

How to Have an Amazing Happy Relationship​

The first step is to bring down the stress level you are experiencing in your relationship and to reestablish your connection.  This will start to rebuild trust and help you both to be willing to help each other get your needs met.  As safety and needs become fulfilled you will become more open and want to share with each other authentically, being able to be vulnerable without fear of being rejected or smothered.

As you bring down your stress and clear hurt feelings you start to heal the inner wounds that created the breakdown in the first place.  You begin to see that conflict comes from feeling hurt and misunderstood, and learn that there are always underlying needs that have not been met.  You now are able to understand your partner and have empathy for him or her as they experience their inner pain.

I’m not saying you won’t argue, but with the appropriate tools you will know how to resolve and move through arguments quickly, and the more adept you become at it, the easier it will be. The more you are able to resolve conflict the closer you will become and the closer you become the more satisfying and intimate your relationship will be.


Valee believes that the relationship journey is one of the most rewarding journeys of your life with the possibility of having profound openness, safe and vulnerable intimacy, authenticity and the deepest meaning within your relationship.  The best thing is, you can create a loving happy environment not only for your relationship, but also for your children which will have a positive impact on the next generation.


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